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      Fine Services London offers a friendly, reliable and trustworthy service. We service homes, offices and factories with a complete handyman service. Let us take care of all of yours handyman jobs!

 Every home, office or commercial property requires various types of services throughout the year. Some require the Handyman services more often than frequent while a home remodeling exercise may demand new Tiling, Plumbing or Carpentry. If you are moving into a new home or office, you would need some Electrical amendments and carpentry or Painting and Decorating is something you would need at times for a horde of different utilities.

 Most families and businesses hire different companies to cater to each of these services that can offer the best quality of service at the best price. While it is absolutely fine to look for a Handyman, Carpenter, Decorator, Electrician, Plumber, Flooring Company or a Rubbish Removal Service, wouldn’t it be more convenient to just have one company offering all these services?

 Fine Services London specializes in the plethora of Handymen Services, Electrical works, Plumbing, Carpentry, Flooring and rubbish removal among others. We cater to all neighbourhoods in London and the surrounding areas. With Fine Services London as a trouble-shooter or a service provider for all the types of services you would need at your home or office, you would not have to look for any other company ever again.

 There are several benefits of hiring Fine Services London. Albeit the expertise, quality of work and prompt service delivery and turnaround time, professional yet friendly customer service and extensive consultation on every aspect are surely what you get to benefit from by hiring our services. But what also makes it even more rewarding for you is the cost advantages and peace of mind.

 When you hire multiple companies for different tasks, each company would offer you a quote that suits them best and get the job done. With Fine Services London, you can get all the tasks done and naturally you can yield some financial leverage. It is inevitable that you would save money by hiring one provider catering to five services than five different companies offering you the same.

 You also get to enjoy the pleasure of having everything sorted. Whenever you have a problem, whether it is with your electrical wiring, plumbing or you need rubbish removal services, you do not have to storm through the directories, speculate about the quality of service one would offer or the price a company would charge. By the virtue of established trustworthiness and a single point of contact for all solutions with Fine Services London, you can have absolute peace of mind.

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Painting Sanding and Preparing Fitting new sinks Fitting toilets & cisterns. Hardwood flooring Lights Laminate, Engineered Flooring Shower and bath sealing & repairs

  • Lucio Forrister

    Was very impressed – we needed some whiteboards and a key cabinet placing up on a wall, they had been seated around for a while. Their handyman men turned up on time, did the job with absolutely no fuss and were friendly too. Quality of the work was very good, and the value for convenience was very good too.

  • Sandee Dobberfuhl

    “I was very pleased with the professional handyman service provided by Fine services. Handyman were very prompt and installed my new kitchen to an exceptionally high standard. ”

  • Fernando Deroest

    They say fast but literally these guys were at my office in 30 minutes, I’m in London Bridge and they fixed our door in only 2 hours…..highly recommendable and cost effective.

  • Lilliana Thielges

    Fine Services provides high quality handyman work at a reasonably price. I would not hesitate to recommend them to prospective customers.”

  • Adolph Plexico

    “The handyman from Fine Services was really helpful and fast with everything that had to be done.

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