Bespoke furniture

Be unique and proudly show it in any way possible, because in today’s world, this is one of the qualities valued the most. Distinct yourself from everyone else and stand out from the crowd with our bespoke furniture selection! Fine Services will help you achieve ultimate comfort and uniqueness, along with high-quality products with amazing functionality! Got your interest? Then read on!

Great variety of products and designs

A bespoke wardrobe can completely transform your home, and if this is what you are aiming for, we have some great surprises for you! Change the interior design of the bedroom, living room or hallway with a fitted wardrobe! Not only would it speak of style and luxury, but it will also save you a ton of space, which you can use however you like! With the built-in space-saving solution, you get the same storage capacity, while no furniture or corners are sticking out and getting in your way! Almost as if you have no wardrobe, only you do! And it can come in any size, shape, design and colour. It is up to you!

Slide it open

Upgrading to a sliding door wardrobe is the best decision you can make! If you wonder why then let us tell you! This is the ultimate space-saving storage solution you can come upon! Hinged doors are great, but sliding is better! They are perfect for the people with a more contemporary taste, who would like to bet on maximum functionality! We offer many beautiful designs you can choose from, and you can even add a twist of your own imagination because we are open to suggestions! That is because we want to deliver full satisfaction to each of our customers, uniqueness that will express their personalities and put a smile on each face.

The king of wardrobes – the walk-in

Well, what can we say about it – only that it is incredible to have such a piece of furniture in your home. Actually, it isn’t just a piece – it is an entire accommodation for your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. You can even place a bed in the middle and live in it. Haha. Let us mention that, for a walk-in wardrobe, you don’t necessarily have to spare an entire room. They can also take any size and shape, and be designed in such a way that they serve all of their purposes. And look fantastic! What other pieces of interior design are there that will be able to make you feel like a star every single day? Have them all, because you deserve it!

Large wardrobes

Large or tiny – it makes no difference for us because we will work equally devoted to your project! Because we are able to make use of any empty space and we do it with professionalism. It is all up to you, to what you can spare and to what do you need. You just let us know, and we do it for you! Choose from our wide selection of materials, designs, colours and patterns and combine them in such a way that no other home has the same wardrobe!

The awkward spaces of your home

Here, we have so many wonderful ideas of how can you take advantage and make use of your awkward space at home! Say you have a staircase, but this room always looks so empty, why don’t you get creative and use some of our proposals for under stairs storage? This area can become a place for you to keep all of the things that usually cause clutter in your home. Or a place to hide some home equipment and appliances? Why don’t you turn it into your home office or a study for your children? Or maybe transform it into a nice comfortable nook for relaxation? Want to know more? Contact us!

The sloped ceiling

Your sloped ceiling is no longer a problem, especially for creative experts like us! How many people so far have told you that they can’t place a wardrobe in that area, or you have been to so many furniture stores, and you can’t find a suitable wardrobe? All there is are those ordinary square pieces of furniture that simply do not fit well in there. Have no worries, because we will manufacture a bespoke, fitted wardrobe, drawers or cupboards for your sloped ceiling! You just need to choose the design you like the most!

Storage under a bay window

How often do you complain or think to yourself that you don’t have enough storage space to keep some of the things that cause the clutter in your home? Wouldn’t it be much easier if you had a little extra space? Of course, it would! And we have another great idea that will allow you not only to take advantage of more storage, but you will also be able to have some unique decoration. Call us, and we will design a bay window for you, according to your taste, and we will supply you with extra storage space to use!

Problem – solution

We get excited by challenges because we have the opportunity to use our creativity so that it never goes away! We would like you to participate in the process so that you will get exactly what you need and what you want. Our primary goal is to make our customers happy! The quality of our work and the materials we use is guaranteed because just like you, we won’t settle for less than the best! For all of the needs of your home – call Fine Services!