Awkward Space Solutions

We all have those empty awkward spaces here and there in our homes, which just stay unused, when we actually have the opportunity to create nice storage space out of it, no matter how small it is. We would like to present to you, some of Fine Services awkward space solutions, which you can integrate and make use of every centimetre of your home.

Under the stairs storage

If you have a staircase in your home, but not enough storage room, then the perfect solution for you is to have a closet created under the stairs. There are so many different ways that you can actually take advantage of this situation. Fitting a small wardrobe for your winter clothes, jackets, shoes or other equipment will always be a great way to declutter your house. Another way to utilize that space is by having it transformed into your display wall. That can happen by installing drawers and shelves, which later you can fill in with pictures, trophies, souvenirs and whatever else you like! Or, our most preferred solution – have a small reading nook created, where you will be able to relax, take a nap or read a book or magazine. There are so many different ways this space can be made use of. You can have it turned into your home office or a place where your children can study. Fine Services will help you set your imagination free and bring it into reality!

Sloped ceiling storage

Say your bedroom takes that sloped ceiling shape, and you think that no wardrobe will ever be able to fit in there. Let us tell you that this is completely untrue! Working with specialists like us means that we can achieve everything together! Simply show us the plans of the room, or we can see it in person when we have the free visitation and consultation, and we will work out the best solution for you. Whether there are curves and edges of the walls or the ceiling, it will not present any problem for us. We always find our way to work around obstacles, and we can guarantee that the outcome is always amazing! What we need from you is to let us know what your requirements are – size, shape (as much as it is possible to respect that), colours and the design of your new sloped ceiling wardrobe.

Bay window storage

We absolutely love this storage solution! This is the best thing you can do for your home and yourself and family. Because it is always a good idea to spend time on a bay window, and simply having that option and place of relaxation, or fun and games is healthy! Not only that, but it gives you the opportunity to have more storage space to your advantage. This would be the perfect place to read a book with a hot cup of tea during the winter season, allowing you to use the natural daylight and having a warm blanket folded right underneath you in one of the drawers. So imagine your new bay window nook with decorative pillows and soft covering. Above shelves or drawers where you can store all types of items and clothes. A very simple but luxurious space-saving solution that will also serve you well when you need to retire and relax.

Upgrade your home with our Fine Services!

There are so many reasons we can present to you for choosing to work with us, and all of them are great! But the most important thing we can say is that we care for the wishes of our clients! That is why we carefully listen to what each of them has to say; we want to know how they envision the outcome. We always give our advice, but our main objective is delivering exactly what is asked of us. And then we do it! We guarantee that all of the materials used are always of the highest quality and that our workers are trained and experienced professionals! We can turn every corner into a usable storage area, that will help you declutter your home and keep it organized because even with little children, this is possible! And Fine Services is here to show you!