Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

The organization of your bedroom, living room or hallway does depend on your wardrobe, believe it or not. Sometimes, maintaining a clutter-free home can turn into quite a challenge, especially with small children in the house. That is why you need a functional wardrobe that will be of help and will look amazing with an incredible design. It will not just take up space from your room! Let us tell you about our wardrobe choices:

The Fitted Wardrobe

This one is the perfect solution for a smaller room. If your bedroom isn’t a king-size and you simply do not want to feel as if you are living into a shoebox, then you should get yourself a fitted wardrobe! It is perfect, because it allows you to use all of the storage space of a stand-alone one, but it doesn’t take up a huge part of your room. Thus, leaving you enough space to place whatever else you like and move around the room unobstructed. As for all of our wardrobes, these come in great designs that will fit in perfectly with any type of home décor and will be in total agreement with your taste. Our objective is to take interior furniture to the next level!

Built-in Wardrobes

Just as the fitted ones, those will instantly create more space in the room, while giving you all the storage capacity you need, or even more. They come in all sizes and shapes, in order to suit all types of rooms. Unlike the freestanding wardrobes, that usually leave out gaps above and to the sides of the room, which leads to dust built-up, the built-in wardrobe will take advantage of every centimetre. And even if your room takes an awkward shape, that will be no problem for such a wardrobe, because the professionals can work around any obstacle and create miracles! Even the tightest corner can be turned into usable space, sometimes this is hard to believe, but that is why we have the power. Tools and knowledge to make it real!

Sliding Doors Wardrobes

The last trend in fashion! And there is definitely a reason why. This is the ultimate space-saving storage solution for your home. And with it, it doesn’t matter how big or small the room is, because they can be fitted anywhere. And since their doors aren’t hinged, but sliding this saves you even more space. The contemporary style of your bedroom will work perfectly with a wardrobe with sliding glass doors. This gives extra style and luxury of your environment, and its functionality will make your life a bit easier. If combined with full-sized mirrors, you will have your own live fashion show. Basically, sliding doors can be added to any room, without having a wardrobe necessarily present. You can substitute your ordinary bedroom or balcony door with a sliding door in all types of glass of other materials and enjoy one incredible interior design!

Walk-in Wardrobes

This is the ultimate expression of individual style! This type of wardrobe will definitely make you feel like a star because it is spacious, and each side of the inner walls can contain a different selection of your item. They can be organized in such a neat way, that you will always be feeling compelled to keep them just as tidy. The walk-in wardrobe is much more than a simple, spacious way to keep your belongings; it is the highlight of bespoke interior and unique taste. Because having such a wardrobe at home, means that it will not exist the same in any other place! The downside is the fact that you will get no more excuses to have scattered clothes on the floor, bed or a random chair just sitting there for ages!

Large Wardrobes

The large wardrobes do resemble a walk-in one, even though for the previous you don’t necessarily have to spare an entire room. If you are a shopping maniac, and you buy something new every two days you will have a huge collection of items. This means that you will need a huge wardrobe to store them in. If you can spare an extra room for that, then our advice is – do it! You won’t have to take any clothes out of the wardrobe except when you are wearing them. Thus, eliminating situations of causing clutter in your home. The professional interior designers will come up with an amazing outlook for your large wardrobe!

The Fine Services You Need!

Manufacturing furniture requires great ability, knowledge and creativity. This is what you will get when working with us. We can provide you with so many different sizes, shapes, colours and designs for all types of wardrobes that will perfectly fit into your world! Our work is guaranteed and fully insured because we always strive for perfection and total satisfaction for our clients. We provide a price for every individual project because we pay attention to the requirements of every customer. Each of your wishes is important for us!