Home conversions

What does the home conversion mean? It is the transformation of an entire two or three-story house, which has been originally built to accommodate one family, into separate flats which can accommodate more different families. Here’s a money-making idea! If you have such a house that can be converted, you can definitely do that with our help, transform it into apartments and rent them out. This is an easy way to make some extra money without having to do anything special or complicated after the conversion of your house. If you are ready to do that and share your property with other people for payment, Fine Services can assist you in A-Z!

How do we convert your house into flats?

This is something that landlords in the UK have turned into a frequent activity in order to get their business going, and it isn’t so difficult to do the same thing. But first, you need to know if apartments are in demand in the area you live in. This is something we can help with, by doing some research on the matter. Once you have decided to divide a house into apartments, we will establish contact with the planning department of the local council to get planning permission. Then comes the application for Building Regulations; the procedure doesn’t take a lot of time. When this is also through, we step into the planning for residents’ needs.  Including yours if you are going to live there. In any case, we will ask for your opinion, because this is your building after all! Our constructors and designers then come together alongside you and come up with the situating or the rooms and the internal design.

Important details

We will consider everything from the bottom to the top, and from the smallest detail to the biggest object in the building. Such as the design details, floor and wall plans, and how well will they work in that space. Each flat needs its own electric, water and gas connections, heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Since we are competent in all home construction and design areas, we can start from the ground to the roof, inside and out. The accessibility of each flat also needs to be considered, so that they all have separate entryways, have access to gardens if there are any, and parking spots. We will install the necessary wiring and plumbing so that each apartment has its own functional kitchen and bathroom. All of the systems need to be separate since the bills will be paid separately for each flat.

Stepping to the interior design

Here, of course, we will propose all of our furniture variants. Starting with the kitchen, we can offer a fitted one, upgraded with a kitchen splashback. With your ideas and our help, we will turn this room into the most pleasant one for cooking, eating and gathering of the whole family that will be living there. And built-in wardrobes for the bedrooms. It is very important that we make the decoration of the flats attractive and functional enough so that people are actually impressed by the décor of the flat and choose to rent it. Working with us from beginning to end means that we will cover everything – wall-to-wall and floor-to-floor. We will offer our glass balustrades for staircase and balconies, our bay window and awkward space storage solutions so that no space is left unused and the apartment has its 100% functionality. This is the key to making a nice impression on your potential tenants.

Many more ideas

Those were just a fraction of the ideas we have and everything we can offer to you when you have decided to convert your house into an apartment building. And as we mentioned, this is one great way to start making money, without having to go to work, six days a week, 10 hours a day, or even worse- having a second job. It can be your side income or your one and only income. It is a long-term investment that will definitely repay you throughout your life!

Many companies in the UK can offer parts of what we are offering. While we give you the whole package, other companies will only do some of the things that need to be done. We can guide you throughout the documentation and permission process. And after all of that is done, we will start working from the bottom to the top; in and out until it is finished and your house has transformed into a flat building. We guarantee our work and each part of it, as we have many skilled, experienced professionals, who do not give up midway and do not postpone, once we shake our hands on it. So, that means you can rest assured because the work will be done!

Contact Fine Services today and let us make that dream come true!