Gold leaf products

What can it be used for? Traditionally, it has been popular in use as gilding material for decoration of art, mostly for statues and icons of Eastern Christianity. It is also used for coating picture frames for paintings of famous painters and for small objects. It has also found a purpose in cooking art. People […]

Antiqued mirrors

Jump into a new area of decoration We take each client’s desires very wholeheartedly and seriously; that is how we always achieve maximum satisfaction! Old-fashioned objects are coming back to life in 2020! Even though we are talking about mirrors, you should know that they are usually not used to check your own reflection. Rather […]

Kitchen Splashback

Printed Kitchen Splashbacks This is your opportunity to be unique and to express yourself by implementing your taste into the interior of your home! This is the time when you can literally place a picture of you, your cat/dog, your family on a huge display. Or you can do a picture of your favourite place, […]

Glass balustrades

Frameless Glass Balustrades One of the options that we, from Fine Services, offer to our clients is the frameless glass balustrades. They are completely safe, following all of the safety regulations. This upgrade will definitely have a head-turning effect for everyone that sees it. Our innovative technology does not require any central posts; rather, we […]

Glass Products

The frameless glass balustrades Imagine a beautiful glass balcony or a staircase. Well, now you don’t need to only imagine it, because you can have it! This upgrade to the interior or exterior of your home will definitely be a reason for people to turn their heads to look at it a little longer and […]

Awkward Space Solutions

Under the stairs storage If you have a staircase in your home, but not enough storage room, then the perfect solution for you is to have a closet created under the stairs. There are so many different ways that you can actually take advantage of this situation. Fitting a small wardrobe for your winter clothes, […]


The Fitted Wardrobe This one is the perfect solution for a smaller room. If your bedroom isn’t a king-size and you simply do not want to feel as if you are living into a shoebox, then you should get yourself a fitted wardrobe! It is perfect, because it allows you to use all of the […]

Bespoke Furniture

Great variety of products and designs A bespoke wardrobe can completely transform your home, and if this is what you are aiming for, we have some great surprises for you! Change the interior design of the bedroom, living room or hallway with a fitted wardrobe! Not only would it speak of style and luxury, but […]


The Flying Staircase Design Service This is an incredible choice, no matter how big or small your house is. The flying staircase can take many shapes, which will depend upon the construction of the home and of course, will be agreed with you. They can be U-shaped – it is similar to the L-shaped, which […]