Glass products

Glass is no longer used only for the making of mirrors and windows! It can be implemented in so many other areas of interior and exterior designs that will make your home look just fabulous! Make sure to use glass products here and there, and you will be able to achieve the luxurious look of your home with ease! Fine Services will provide you with strong and safe glass products for your home. Read on if you want to find out where and how you can use it to make your home more special!

The frameless glass balustrades

Imagine a beautiful glass balcony or a staircase. Well, now you don’t need to only imagine it, because you can have it! This upgrade to the interior or exterior of your home will definitely be a reason for people to turn their heads to look at it a little longer and have them impressed by your style! Get your bespoke frameless glass balustrade with patterns, clear, or get it matted, it is entirely your choice, and we are here to give you exactly that!  Get the most amazing point of your home where you will be able to enjoy the view of the outside world!

On bolts or pots

We follow every safety regulation when it comes to our work, but if you need a visual proof for your peace of mind for the glass balustrades we offer, then the one on bolts or pots are perfect for you! Those will provide an obvious proof of support so that you don’t have to worry if the glass is going to fall or cause an accident and still be beautiful and stylish! With the visibility of the supporting bolts and pots, the beauty of the design is increased even further. Let the light into your home and enjoy the luxury of the new vision delivered to by Fine Services glass balustrades for staircases and balconies! You can completely transform your world by just one simple yet very stylish addition, and we will be more than happy to supply you with it!

The spiral staircase with glass balustrade

We have already expressed our admiration for those masterpieces! And we will continue to do so because we strongly believe that if you have a staircase at home, it should look that way! Nothing is more beautiful and stylish than a spiral staircase upgraded with a glass balustrade! We don’t only give out interior design advice; we provide the end product for the customers who are ready to move onto the next level of fashion. If you leave your home in our hands and let us do our magic, you will be mesmerized by the end result, and you will be falling in love with it every day!

Let’s go to the kitchen.

After we have discussed your staircases and balconies, it is time to do the same for your kitchens! This is the room we spent a huge amount of time every day, and we like to get it really wet and messy sometimes. We would like to know how do you feel about kitchen splashbacks? Since it is used so much, it does need protection, and those provide it for your walls and other surfaces, especially if you want to avoid rebuilding your kitchen too often. Water can be very damaging, and that is why our selection of splashbacks made of toughened glass with many beautiful designs are just right for you!

The printed ones

This is the time when you have the complete freedom to express yourself with interior design. To be honest, you always have that freedom, but in the case with the printed splashbacks, it is limitless. What we mean by that is, we can even work it with a picture of you, your family or your pets, your favourite place, movie, person. Whatever you like! The painted ones are just as unique as the printed. We work with the desires of our customers, that is why we offer custom made glass products, and we can have it painted however you like!

Mirror splashbacks

Another great choice from our selection is the mirrored ones. No need to be afraid of breakage, because it is quite difficult, and even if you somehow manage to do that, the tempered glass does not shatter as the conventional one. We love mirrors and glass products; that is why we always use the highest quality materials for our projects. Those are perfectly capable of withstanding everyday knocks and damages. And you don’t need to settle for ordinary glass, they can also come in a variety of shades, according to your desires. Say you are a traditionalist, or better yet, an old-time dreamer. Your kitchen needs an antiqued splashback and so do you! It is just as strong as the regular one; it only appears very old. The technology we use for achieving the effect excludes the use of any harsh chemicals, but we will keep it our little secret.

The cracked vision

This is the option for a completely unusual appearance for your kitchen! Make it look entirely different from a pattern of cracked glass that can never be repeated! This design is even harder to break, as it is already made to look broken and toughened after that. This means that all of the pieces are secured and are not falling out. Get the stunning cracked ice effect for your one of a kind kitchen and have all of your guests impressed while protecting the walls and surfaces that get attacked by water and oil splashes every day!

Call us to action

We, from Fine Services, are trained, knowledgeable and ready to answer the needs of each client! We work with high-quality and secured materials, providing beauty and safety at the same time. Because of our long-term experience in the field, we can calmly state that we are simply the best in what we do, and that is – achieve perfection and complete satisfaction for each customer. Get in touch with us today, and we will make your dreams come true, for the best prices in the UK!