Antiqued Mirrors

Turning our vision back to the distant past and implementing this vision into the 21st-century lifestyle is the new classy trend that everyone wants to follow. Having objects like this at home speaks about high-class taste. Those antiqued mirrors serve the purpose of decoration and many people today want to possess one of those and have it on display at home. It is also a great way to decorate a luxurious restaurant or a hotel, that will make every customer say “Wow!” every time they visit. We, from Fine Services, recognize the growing interest in the internal design business, and we are here to deliver an array of different finishes of antiqued mirrors that will satisfy every person’s taste!

Jump into a new area of decoration

We take each client’s desires very wholeheartedly and seriously; that is how we always achieve maximum satisfaction! Old-fashioned objects are coming back to life in 2020! Even though we are talking about mirrors, you should know that they are usually not used to check your own reflection. Rather they serve the purpose of giving your environment, be it your home, restaurant or hotel, a new twist of old-fashioned high-class taste. And they simply cannot be appreciated by all, but only by people having specific taste and wishes. If you want to turn around the outlook of your property completely, then this is a way to go. You can use antiqued mirrors for a splashback or toughened glass. So, imagine having a balcony balustrade made out of an antiqued mirror. Or your kitchen has a decoration of this mirror for a splashback. If you are one of the people who like this type of home interior, then you should not hesitate to contact us.

And let us tell you why:

We have proven high-quality results that you can always take a look at our website. We, from Fine Services, never use new mirrors when we want to achieve that antiqued effect. We also avoid chemical spraying, and we do not import our products from another country. They are completely and 100% UK custom made for each of our clients. Due to our long and vast experience, we have mastered the process of making antiqued mirrors by controlling every stage of the silvering process. The finishes we offer are tweaked to suit your needs and desires so that you are completely happy with what you get. We are not limited to applying the mirroring to a specific type of glass; rather, as we mentioned, we can do it for a toughened one and for splashbacks. Get our bespoke quote and enjoy your new décor very soon!