Glass balustrades

Do you need to renovate some parts of your home? But you also want it to look more modern and contemporary! That is great because we have the perfect solution for you and it is a quite simple one! You can completely transform your home just by adding glass balustrades to your staircase or balcony, and we can guarantee that it will take on an entirely different look.

Frameless Glass Balustrades

One of the options that we, from Fine Services, offer to our clients is the frameless glass balustrades. They are completely safe, following all of the safety regulations. This upgrade will definitely have a head-turning effect for everyone that sees it. Our innovative technology does not require any central posts; rather, we create one beautiful glass balcony or a staircase! You don’t need to have it all transparent. You can get opaque/matt glass entirely or such on patterns. That will make the design of your balcony or staircase even more contemporary and people will not be able to see what is going on behind the glass. In the meantime, you will have one nice view post, to enjoy looking at nature or the sunsets, or simply have the most amazing staircase at home.

On Bolts

If your psyche needs a visual proof for a little bit more support, but you still want to have the glass balustrades, to make your home more stylish and luxurious, then Fine Services can offer you the glass balustrades on bolts. As we mentioned, all of our products are completely safe, secured and supported. That guarantees no failures or accidents. The bolts do give additional support and peace of mind for you that you are moving around a safe environment. The bolts will be visible, and that just increases the beauty of the design. It is simple, but it speaks louder than the most colourful object because it says that you are a complicated person who enjoys cleaner views. Because if you are not distracted by objects, then you can truly see the beauty of the world around you.

On Pots

Having glass balustrades on your balcony or staircase installed on pots is another great way to let more light enter your home. They can be combined with stainless steel or wooden material places on top of the balustrade, or they can have none of those as well. They can be easily placed or removed as you wish, and they can also be not as transparent if you want to upgrade the glass to matt. See the outer world and let it see you! More and more people are betting on that choice because it is more than just a glass balustrade! It is a completely new way to view the world, and it gives your home a new sense of design. You can completely change it, just by changing one little thing!

Spiral Staircase Glass Balustrade

Simply WOW! There isn’t anything more beautiful than a spiral staircase with a glass balustrade! According to us, this is the most tasteful designer decision you can ever take! The technology that we use in the making of these types of balustrades is innovative, in order to make the beautiful curves, we use our best and most trained expert manufacturers. And we guarantee the high quality of our products. The standard thickness of the glass is 12mm and creates a more modern, clean and pure appearance. The traditional spiral staircases are amazing, but the glass ones are more decorative, and they allow more light into the room, simply by not blocking it.

Up to the next level with Fine Services

A simple, yet sophisticated upgrade of your home is knocking at your door with our offer of glass balustrades for staircases and balconies. You can entrust the interior of your home with top-class experts, who know how to do their job! Because there is nothing more satisfying for us than seeing the smiling faces of the clients when the work is done! We guarantee the outcome that we deliver to you is functional, safe, and secured, and as you can see with your own eyes, the result is very beautiful, luxurious, and opening. Now is the time to make the change in your home with the help of professionals! Our prices will astonish you!