Kitchen Splashback

Protect your new kitchen, or bring a fresh outlook to the old one with our selection of kitchen splashbacks. Fine Services provides very functional and beautiful materials that will protect the walls and other surfaces from water or oil splashes, heat and damage. Preserve your environment for longer with our solution, which is very easily maintained! Read along to see what we offer.

Printed Kitchen Splashbacks

This is your opportunity to be unique and to express yourself by implementing your taste into the interior of your home! This is the time when you can literally place a picture of you, your cat/dog, your family on a huge display. Or you can do a picture of your favourite place, movie, book, or whatever else comes to your mind! You get the complete freedom to choose the look of your kitchen and make it as unique as possible. With the help of high-quality materials and beautiful colours, you can see yourself on the beach or the mountain every time you are cooking or doing the dishes. And your guests will be so impressed with your kitchen interior because no one else will ever have the same as you will. Our printed option will give a new vibrant look of the most used room of the house while protecting walls and surfaces from any type of damage.

Painted Splashbacks

Another great protective and beautifying solution for your kitchen is our selection of painted splashbacks. We have a wide range of choices, but we are always ready to hear you out and use your ideas in your home. After all, our main goal is to make our clients happy and give them the unique everyday experience in their home. We want to leave them with something that they would never think of changing, simply because it is meeting and exceeding their expectations. And that is what we do for every client that reaches out to us! The painted splashbacks give the home a shining luxurious expression of taste, and it is all about your taste! Instead of settling for boring and ordinary kitchen tiles, upgrade to our fantastic solution.

Mirror Splashbacks

One more incredible choice from our selection is the mirrored ones. That will be your personal viewing post. Having mirrors in the kitchen is always a great idea! And do not worry about breaking them because it is not as easy as you might think! Glass and mirror splashbacks are made of toughened glass and are relatively strong. And even in the unlikely event of you breaking them, of course, you always need to be careful in the kitchen, the glass or mirror will not shatter like the conventional one. They can withstand daily knocks. And they can also come in different shades, so you still don’t have to settle for the ordinary mirror. Have it unique and let it reflect the comfort of your home. It speaks about high-class taste in interior design.

Antiqued Mirror Kitchen Splashback

Are you a fan of the good old times? And do you like antiqued objects? If yes, then this is what you need to integrate into your home! The antiqued mirror splashback! Those will simply make your kitchen look amazing! Don’t worry; they are not really old, they just appear so, in order to bring that old-times look, which goes perfectly with a traditional type of kitchen. And they will surely not break easily! Because all of the materials we supply are strong and of the highest quality! They can be used behind a heat source without any problem or risk and are very easy to maintain and keep clean.

Cracked Kitchen Splashbacks

Give your kitchen a completely unusual appearance that will probably startle all of your guests and yourself, until you get used to it. In fact, the cracked design looks amazing, because no kitchen has the same and even though it is already cracked, it will break even harder than the usual glass splashback. It is laminated by a sheet of toughened glass between two additional layers; it is that sheet that is shattered and creates the stunning cracked ice effect. The minimum thickness that is offered in 18mm, because of this particular manufacturing process, to secure the splashback further. Combined light lights above, this pattern will make your kitchen look very stylish and one of a kind!

Why will Fine Services supply you with the best splashbacks?

We can guarantee that our products will never disappoint you by design, functionality, or strength and safety. Because we always use high-quality materials and we ensure to manufacture them correctly, to prevent any accidents and reduce any risks to the minimum. We are ready to provide you with the best designs and solutions which will fulfil your requirements, and we are here to answer all of your questions. No matter what type of concerns you might have, make sure to get in touch with us, and we will happily clarify everything.