Home Renovations

Very often, when we buy or rent a new home, it needs some renovations to be done. And every room requires different actions to be taken. Even if you have lived in the place for a long time and you can see where the flaws are, it is a quite difficult task to handle them on your own. That is why we, from Fine Services, are here and ready to assist you with the renovation of your home. And we will do it professionally so that you won’t need to repair one thing twice. Read on to find out what we can do for you and why you should work with a company with a long-term experience!

Start the renovations on time!

We know why people choose not to trust construction and design companies – because it seems like a habit for them to make a bunch of promises, take your money and then forget about the work they have been paid to do. Well, this is something you will never have to experience with us! Once we shake hands, we take our job very seriously, and we start working as soon as possible before things get more difficult for you and your family in the home you reside in. We offer a full home diagnostic, which includes the check and replacement of your wiring, plumbing and HVAC systems, floors, walls, ceilings, ventilation systems and more! You can call us just to come and check, or you can put us to work!

We are starting from the kitchen

The right way to have kitchen renovations done is by following a particular order of the planned repairs. If the area needs thorough wall-to-wall attention, then what we will do first is to take out all of the appliances and equipment and separate them into two groups. One group are those which will be used once again, and the other are the ones which will be thrown away. We will make sure that the plumbing and wiring systems are working properly, and will replace parts if needed. To give your kitchen a completely new and fresh look, we can offer to supply you with a unique built-in kitchen unit or to replace the kitchen, drawers and cupboard doors. We will offer to take advantage of our kitchen splashback selection, which will make it much different than it used to be. Next, come the flooring and the walls, and finally, the decoration and return of appliances. You will not recognize your kitchen!

The renovation of the living room with ease!

This is one of the most pleasant and easy rooms to work with because it is not faced with everyday water damage – or at least in most cases! But whatever the story here is, we’ve got it! The wiring check and repair goes for every room we set foot in. We can supply you with better lighting in this room, making it feel more spacious, by widening the windows and adding one or even two, bay window storage spaces. Our focus will fall on walls and flooring, and of course, decoration of the living room. You can choose from our selection of fitted furniture, such as fit TV sets and wardrobes.

Bedroom time!

We love renovating and decorating bedrooms because there are so many things we can do in there and transform the interior with so many fantastic designs and furniture! Here, of course, we will present you with our wide selection of wardrobes – built-in, freestanding, walk-in, wardrobe with sliding doors, small or large. The addition of glass walls and balustrades for a balcony, if you have one, is always a great idea! We will check the wiring, replace the flooring and give the bedroom a fresh coat of high-quality paint in amazing colours! We will ask for your opinion about everything we want to do in your home.

The bathroom renovation process

We will not forget the importance of functionality when it comes to the bathroom, and in the meantime, we will give you the luxurious design you dream of! We will ensure that the place wouldn’t need a second renovation any time soon. You don’t have to have two separate rooms for bath, shower and toilet, because our interior designer can always come up with a way to separate them in one place, and if they need repairs, they will be done. The tiles can be replaced if required, a new coat of wet-resistant paint will be added, and the ventilation system will be improved or placed if there isn’t any. Because it is very important to keep the moisture out, that will prolong the effectiveness of the renovation done in the bathroom. Our designers will think about the decoration of the area, vanity and basin, and storage space and the hardware, such as – taps, mixers, robe hooks, towel rails and other essential hardware items.

Other premises

You can reach out to us for other parts of your home as well – your hallways, attic, basement, or your yard patio. We will make sure to prevent moisture build-up and mould, wiring or plumbing problems, or problems with your heating and cooling system. Home renovations are our speciality, and because we know what we are doing, it is an easy job for us! If you need a home renovation work well done – call us! We always take our projects seriously, and we don’t stop until they are finished, and our clients are completely satisfied!

It is easy to give your home a new life with our help!