Custom Made to Measure Staircases

Renovating the home with a new staircase is an amazing way to transform it completely. It adds a different and more elegant view of your house. Whether you just bought it, or you want something different for the one you are currently living in, there are several choices you can decide upon.

The Flying Staircase Design Service

This is an incredible choice, no matter how big or small your house is. The flying staircase can take many shapes, which will depend upon the construction of the home and of course, will be agreed with you. They can be U-shaped – it is similar to the L-shaped, which is also a variant, the bend is taken a bit further to form a full U-shape with a landing separating the two parallel flights. They can also have a curved shape, with which the staircase does not have a landing and the stairs are continuous, along with the bannister. This shape makes a striking architectural statement and is very beautiful. It will make your home look much more luxurious! Add a nice flooring solution, such as hardwood or laminate. The carpet is not such a durable option in this case.

Spiral Staircase Design Service

The spiral staircase is a compact design which will take much less space than any other. It is centred around a single pole, and if looked at from above, you can see that it forms a perfect circle. Here, the narrow wedge-shaped tread is not the easiest to traverse, which means that this choice is better for people with balance. Either way, a bannister will be added, so even if you are a little bit clumsier that will not be a problem. It is a creative solution for your home. And having the project done by trusted professionals will exclude any risks and concerns you might have!

Zig-Zag Staircase Design and Build

If you are a contemporary person and you bet on the simple designs and modern patterns, then you need to have the zig-zag staircase in your home or office. They are created to perfectly complement any contemporary residential area. The design does increase the sense of space in the house, they are self-supportive, and over the past few years have become very popular once again. They can be clothed with different materials, depending on the rest of your home interior. That geometric shape of the staircase is a great solution for the modern flat-roofed houses and a rectangular shape of the floor.

Wooden Staircase Design and Build

The all-time fashionable choice of the wooden staircases is what gives a home the warmth, and it always brings us one step closer back to nature. Having a wooden element of interior as big as a staircase is a great idea every time! The wooden stairs can be made in any shape, and they have their own charm. They can be made to fit into every house or a particular room, and they give a sense of comfort and homeliness. They are easy to maintain and will definitely last you for a lifetime! This stair design is often found in rural interiors and traditionally elegant homes. Choosing the curved or winding wooden staircase will emphasize the aesthetic of your home!

Bespoke Staircase Services for you!

Why should you choose Fine Services for your staircases is a question, which can be answered in many different ways with many great reasons to do so! But most important is the fact that we know and understand what our customers want and we always deliver it straight to them! We can guarantee for each project that it would be done precisely by the hands of professionals, and we will eliminate any risk to you or your family. In order to give you the best staircase solution, we have ensured to be available seven days a week, and we always have a customer support team ready to clarify every detail you are interested in. Our prices are individually made for each customer and are completely reasonable and agreeable with their desires!